LeBron James ejected after elbowing Isiah Stewart

Video is from House of Highlights

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart got in a major scuffle that took several minutes to cool down. The benches from both teams had to get involved as Stewart continuously tried to make his way to LeBron.

Less than three minutes into the second half, James boxed Stewart out from getting an offensive rebound from a Jerami Grant free throw.

James elbowed Stewart with such force that a cut opened above the Rochester native’s right eye.

Chaos ensued as Pistons players, coaches and staff members spilled onto the court to separate the pile of players arguing.

Lakers guard Russell Westbrook also had some words for Stewart but officials were able to briefly separate the scrum of players that came onto the court. But Stewart still in a rage charged back several times. It took a pile of Pistons bench players, coaches and team officials to get Stewart back to the locker room.

League officials reviewed the play for a possible hostile act and assessed James for a flagrant-two violation, which immediately removed him from the remainder of the game. Stewart was first given a loose ball foul, before getting two technical fouls for his part in the fight. He was ejected from the game. Russell Westbrook was also given a technical foul for his role in the altercation.

LeBron was issued a flagrant two foul and was ejected. Stewart was also ejected, and Russell Westbrook was issued a technical foul.

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