2021 NBA G League Draft Results

From NBA G League

The NBA G League held its draft for the 2021/22 season on Saturday afternoon.

The 28 G League teams affiliated with NBA teams participated in the event, with the G League Ignite and Mexico City Capitanes sitting it out. The Ignite and Capitanes will be taking part in the NBAGL’s Showcase Cup this fall, but won’t be part of the 36-game regular season that tips off in late December.

The first player selected in the draft was former St. John’s point guard Shamorie Ponds, who was picked by the Delaware Blue Coats, the Sixers‘ G League affiliate. Ponds has a little NBA experience, having appeared in four games as a rookie in 2019/20 while on a two-way contract with Toronto.

Among the other notable picks were Nate Darling by the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario at No. 5 and LiAngelo Ball by the Greensboro Swarm at No. 14. Last week, the Clippers and Hornets signed and waived Darling and Ball, respectively, in an effort to secure their affiliate rights, but were unable to get those rights for procedural reasons. The two teams had to use the draft to make sure they landed those players.

The Knicks also signed and waived veteran guard Brandon Knight during the preseason and were unable to get his affiliate rights due to a procedural issue. However, Westchester passed on Knight with the No. 4 overall pick today, and the Heat‘s affiliate, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, snatched him up at No. 6. We’ll see if Knight is no longer in the Knicks’ plans or if the Skyforce intend to trade his rights to Westchester.

Lance Stephenson to the Grand Rapids Gold (Nuggets) at No. 13 and Dwyane Wade‘s son Zaire Wade to the Salt Lake City Stars (Jazz) at No. 10 were a couple of the other notable picks that played out as expected.

Here are the full 2021/22 G League draft results:

Round One:

1. Delaware (From South Bay): Shamorie Ponds
2. College Park: Tyler Hagedorn
3. Fort Wayne: Gabe York
4. Westchester: Justin Turner
5. Agua Caliente (From Stockton): Nate Darling
6. Sioux Falls (From Grand Rapids): Brandon Knight
7. Texas (From Raptors905): Eddie Stansberry
8. Motor City: Jaylen Johnson
9. Iowa (From Wisconsin): Michael Gbinije
10. Salt Lake City: Zaire Wade
11. Texas (From Austin): Loudon Love
12. Santa Cruz (From Memphis): Alan Griffin
13. Grand Rapids (From Sioux Falls): Lance Stephenson
14. Greensboro (From Delaware via WES): LiAngelo Ball
15. Lakeland (From Texas via AUS): TJ Haws
16. Cleveland: BJ Taylor
17. Windy City (From Lakeland): Scottie Lindsey
18. Maine: Isaiah Ross
19. Iowa (From Birmingham): Ruot Monyyong
20. Lakeland (From Long Island): Marlon Stewart
21. Stockton (From Agua Caliente): Joe Young
22. Iowa: Samir Doughty
23. Greensboro (From Santa Cruz via SBL): Chudier Bile 
24. Capital City: Rodney Pryor
25. Windy City: Tim Bond
26. Greensboro: Tyree White
27. Cleveland (From OKL via RGV): Montell McRae
28. RGV: Cullen Russo

Round 2:

1. Memphis (From South Bay): Karim Mane
2. College Park: Kalob Ledoux
3. Memphis (From Fort Wayne): Gerard Tarin
4. Delaware (From Westchester): Barra Njie
5. Raptors 905 (From Stockton via CTN and RGV): Tahj Eaddy
6. Grand Rapids: Trevon Duval
7. Lakeland (From Raptors905): Gary Chivichyan
8. Motor City: Ryan Daly
9. Wisconsin: Keaton Wallace
10. Salt Lake City (via Stockton): Pedro Bradshaw
11. Austin: Alexis Wangmene
12. Fort Wayne (From Memphis): Ian DuBose
13. Sioux Falls: Mike Smith
14. Lakeland (From Delaware): Jaire Grayer
15. Raptors905 (From Texas): Blake Francis
16. Cleveland: Jack Pagenkopf
17. Lakeland: Devonte Patterson
18. Fort Wayne (From Maine via LAK): Jordan Allen
19. Birmingham: Devearl Ramsey
20. Long Island: Chris Walker
21. RGV (From Agua Caliente): Eric Demers
22. Birmingham (From Iowa): Derrick Griffin
23. Santa Cruz: Ja’Quan Lyle
24. Capital City: Jachai Taylor
25. Westchester (From Windy City): Lydell Elmore
26. Greensboro: Ikenna Ndugba
27. Oklahoma City: Tevin King
28. Agua Caliente (From RGV): Kammeon Holsey

Round 3:

1. South Bay: Elijah Cain
2. College Park: Landon Taliaferro
3. Fort Wayne: Will Vorhees
4. Westchester: Asante Gist
5. Stockton: Princepal Singh
6. Grand Rapids: Trevor John
7. Raptors905: Tristan Jarrett
8. Motor City: Devon Baulkman
9. Wisconsin: Jaylen Bland
10. Salt Lake City: JC Show
11. Austin: No Selection
12. Memphis: No Selection
13. Sioux Falls: Joel Ntambwe
14. Delaware: No Selection
15. Texas: Lamonte Bearden
16. Stockton (From Cleveland): No Selection
17. Delaware (From Lakeland): No Selection
18. Maine: Lindsey Drew
19. Iowa (From Birmingham): Artur Labinowicz
20. Long Island: Jaylen Fisher
21. Agua Caliente: Randy Onwuasor
22. Iowa: Seth Allen
23. Santa Cruz: Jovan Mooring
24. Capital City: Jermaine Haley
25. Windy City: Kerwin Roach
26. Greensboro: Isaiah Blackmon
27. Oklahoma City: Marlon Taylor
28. RGV: Jimond Ivey

Teams will fill out their rosters with affiliate players, returning-rights players, tryout players, and players who are assigned to the G League from the NBA roster (including those on two-way contracts).

G League training camps open on Monday, with the Showcase Cup tournament tipping off on November 5.

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