What’s next for Two-Time PFL Champ Kayla Harrison?

Photo: PFL MMA

2-time Professional Fighters League lightweight champ Kayla Harrison told ESPN that she is moving to 135 pounds, a move that will include hiring a chef and consulting with a nutritionist. The two-time Olympic gold medalist has thus far competed primarily at 155 pounds and once at featherweight. If Harrison were able to make the cut safely, it would open the door for some interesting fights — especially in the UFC.

“I’m considering it,” Harrison said of the move to bantamweight. “I heard that Julianna [Pena] said she’d move up to 145 if they paid her enough, so that’s good news. That means I don’t have to chop off an arm. … I want to be the best. Everyone is talking about her.”

Harrison remains a free agent and told ESPN that the PFL is no longer the leader in the clubhouse.

“Other things have happened and there’s some last-minute things happening behind closed doors that I’m not entirely sure now what’s going to happen,” Harrison said.

“Three years ago, I would have said legacy,” Harrison said. “That’s all I give a s— about. My advisers, they care about security. Obviously, I have two kids now, so for me, as hard as it is, security comes first. I have to make sure. There’s no guarantees in this life. There are no certainties. I could snap my neck tomorrow and never fight again. Security is important. But if I can find a way to have security and continue to build my legacy, I think that’s a winner.”

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