UFC’s Mike Perry in a restaurant altercation

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From MMA Eejit/Twitter

In a video posted on social media, UFC welterweight Mike Perry is seen punching an older man during an altercation outside of what appears to be a restaurant.

The video, which is a little less than two minutes long, shows Perry walking out of an establishment with girlfriend Latory Gonzalez. As Perry walks toward exit of the building, he continues to yell as one woman appears to be trying to persuade him to leave.

“Did you touch me? Oh you didn’t touch me,” Perry yells in the direction of a person with whom he may have had some type of disagreement. “He touched me.”

At that point, a group of people is standing in front of Perry at what appears to be the entrance of the restaurant, and that’s when an older man gets into an argument with the fighter. The man accuses Perry of hitting the person positioned off the screen.

“I’ll knock your old ass out too,” Perry responds.

“You do it, motherf—er,” the man says.

“Yeah, let’s go you fat piece of s—t,” Perry says.

From there, the man seems to move toward Perry and is knocked down by a punch. With onlookers screaming and yelling in the ensuing chaos, Perry can be overheard telling another man, “Back the f—k up n—a, back the f—k up.” Perry calls the man the N-word multiple times while sitting down and continuing to yell for someone to call the police.

It is unclear the location of the business and when the incident occurred. MMAjunkie.com is reporting that the altercation happened within the past 36 hours.

Perry, who is coming off a decision victory over Mickey Gall at UFC on ESPN on 12 on June 27, recently posted a series of tweets that may have been related to the incident.

I hope judgement day is coming. I hope all you filthy mouth losers burn in the shithole sewers of hell. All you will see, smell & hear is nightmares of vomit and feces drowning you for eternity. Your life sucks so you hate on beauty you will never have but it will only get worse

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) July 7, 2020

If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you. Social distancing says you gotta stay 6 feet away from us. You come in my bubble you getting Sparta kicked in the nuts and fuckin stone cold stunnered bitch ! #DimMak

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) July 7, 2020

Please try me. I promise I will baptize you in the name of street Jesus !

— Platinum Mike Perry (@PlatinumPerry) July 7, 2020

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