Recap of UFC Fight Night 200

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UFC Fight Night 200
Photo from UFC

If you missed Saturday’s Card of UFC Fight Night 200, here’s the full recap

Denys Bondar vs. Malcolm Gordon

Round 1: Gordon landed a nice combination that stuns Bondar, who responds by dropping down for a takedown, and gets it. Gordon answers from his back with a submission attempt that forces Bondar to defend and lose position. Gordon continues to wrestle for position, and he drives Bondar into the fence and works him down to the mat. However, Bondar’s elbow is dislocated in the moment, and he screams in pain. The fight is immediately stopped, and Gordon gets the first-round TKO due to injury. What a wild and unfortunate ending to start the card.

Result: Malcolm Gordon def. Denys Bondar via technical submission (arm injury) – Round 1, 1:22

Phil Rowe vs. Jason Witt

Round 1: Rowe takes the center of the cage as Witt begins to circle on the outside. Rowe paws out his left hand to find the range and Witt charges forward with a punch but misses as Rowe quickly retreats. Witt tries another charging punch but shoots in for a takedown and brings the fight to the canvas. Rowe quickly gets to guard and pops back up to his feet. Witt doesn’t let go, though, and brings him right back down to the mat. Rowe holds on from guard as Witt tries to improve his position and land a couple of short punches. Rowe raises his legs and tries to sweep, but Witt remains heavy. Rowe is able to get his back against the fence and uses it to get back to his feet. A nice exchange of punches follows before the round concludes.

Round 2: Witt started the 2nd round with a hard overhand right and continues with the forward pressure, leading to a clinch along the fence. Witt begins to work for another takedown and drags Rowe to the mat. Rowe is able to keep his back on the fence and works his way back up to the feet and separates. This time, Rowe is able to establish some offense on the feet and begins putting punches together. Witt remains still just long enough for Rowe to tee off with a nice three-punch combination to put him down and the referee stops the fight. A very nice finish for Rowe in the second round.

Result: Phil Rowe def. Jason Witt via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 2:15

Jailton Almeida vs. Danilo Marques

Round 1: In the 1st round, Almeida offers a front kick which is immediately followed by a shot for a takedown. Marques defends initially, but Almeida lifts him up for the slam to the mat. Almeida works his way to side control while trying to trap the arm of Marques behind his back. Almeida finds his way to full mount as he begins raining down hard punches and hammerfists. The referee steps in closer as Marques covers up, and after a few more unanswered strikes, the fight is stopped. Just an impressive, dominant TKO finish by Almeida is his UFC debut.

Result: Jailton Almeida def. Danilo Marques via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:57

Alexis Davis vs. Julija Stoliarenko

Round 1: Davis catches a kick from Stoliarenko and uses it to knock her opponent off balance. Davis rushes in to bring the fight to the canvas. Stoliarenko throws up an armbar attempt that looked very, very deep. Somehow Davis survived it, even though her arm was in real trouble. They scramble for position and Stoliarenko locks up the arm again, but Davis escapes this attempt too, ending up on top. Stoliarenko lands a couple of punches off her back while Davis tries to maintain guard and land punches of her own. Stoliarenko goes for another armbar, but Davis once again gets out and begins landing punches from top position. Stoliarenko shifts for what appeared to be another armbar attempt, but this time she lands an upkick flush to Davis, who was grounded, and the action was paused by the referee. After giving Davis a moment to recover, the action is restarted from the same position, but nothing significant occurs in the final seconds of the round.

Round 2: Stoliarenko landed quick punches while Davis looks to end her combinations with leg kicks. Stoliarenko goes for a pair of high kicks followed by a punch. Davis marches forward with a Muay Thai style of stance, landing a couple of nice low kicks as Stoliarenko answers with punches upstairs. Another calf kick lands for Davis, but Stoliarenko responds with punches. Blood begins to flow from the right eye of Davis. Stoliarenko lands clean with another combination. A front kick from Davis lands flush, but Stoliarenko continues to fire back. Davis keeps marching forward and they trade strikes until the round concludes.

Round 3: The striking exchanges continue early in the third. Stoliarenko lands a few punches, but a calf kick from Davis knocks her off her feet. Davis rushes in to take top position on the mat as Stoliarenko holds on and begins looking for another armbar. Davis postures up and lands a few punches. Stoliarenko tries to grab her opponent’s arms, but Davis does well to work herself free to land more punches. Stoliarenko is pinned against the fence and Davis seems content to keep the fight here and land punches from guard. Stoliarenko tries to sneak a leg in for butterfly guard, but Davis stays heavy and lands a few nice strikes, including a hard elbow to cut her opponent. The fight comes to a close with Davis on top, ending this one in dominant fashion.

Result: Alexis Davis def. Julija Stoliarenko via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 30-27)

Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Chidi Njokuani

Round 1: A touch of gloves in the center and the fighters began sizing each other up. Barriault opens with a low kick, however Njokuani counters with a crisp 1-2 combination, sending the Canadian to the canvas. A few follow-up punches later and this one is over just as quickly as it started. A fast and flawless finish for Njokuani in his UFC debut.

Result: Chidi Njokuani def. Marc-Andre Barriault via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 0:16

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Mike Trizano

Round 1: Both fighters offering strikes early. Dawodu does a high kick as Trizano slides out of the way. The exchanges slow for a moment as they size each other up. A kick from Trizano goes south, but Dawodu doesn’t want to pause the action. Trizano lands a combination that is met with punches to the body from Dawodu. Calf kicks become the focus of Dawodu’s attack, landing a few in a row. Both fighters stand flat in the pocket looking for openings and trade punches. Trizano goes to the low kicks as well now, but Dawodu fires back with a pair of his own. Dawodu lands a nice punch and Trizano’s nose begins to bleed. The round ends after another nice punch from Dawodu.

Round 2: Dawodu opened with a low kick as they meet in the center of the cage. A front kick from Dawodu is met with a calf kick from Trizano. Dawodu lands a left hook, but Trizano fires back with a quick combination a second after. A two-punch combo from Dawodu finds the mark. Trizano checks a calf kick from Dawodu and lands a nice punch, which prompts Dawodu to initiate a clinch, pressing Trizano against the fence. A few close-range punches land before they separate. Dawodu goes to a spinning back kick which lands to the body and he begins pressing forward with various strikes to the head, body, and legs. Trizano lands a couple of leg kicks of his own, but Dawodu immediately answers back, and initiates another clinch. The round closes here against the fence, after another nice striking display from Dawodu.

Round 3:

Round 3 – Dawodu slows Trizano down with a clinch. After they separate, Dawodu begins firing strikes first in a couple of exchanges before another clinch. This time, Trizano is able to reverse and get a takedown. They are only on the canvas for a second, though, as Dawodu quickly gets back to his feet. Dawodu grabs a Thai clinch and lands a couple of knees before transitioning to a clinch against the fence. Once there, Trizano gets a Thai clinch of his own which he uses to land a strike and break free. Back to the center briefly, another clinch from Dawodu goes to the fence and both fighters look to land knees and short punches. They separate again and trade strikes, with Dawodu landing a nice combination. Another clinch is initiated and the short strikes continue before breaking apart again. Dawodu goes to the body and Trizano answers upstairs, but before any momentum can be gained, another clinch brings the fight to the fence. They break free for one last exchange before the round ends.

Result: Hakeem Dawodu def. Mike Trizano via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

John Castaneda vs. Miles Johns

Round 1:

Round 1 – Castaneda offers up a high kick as the first strike, which is blocked by Johns. They bounce around the cage, feeling each other out and Johns lands a quick right hand. A combination follows and a stiff left hand knocks Castaneda back. A leg kick from Castaneda lands as Johns tries for a hard right hand. A moment later, an accidental eye poke from Castaneda causes a brief pause in the action. Johns is ready to continue quickly, though. Castaneda goes for a high kick followed by a low one, but Johns is able to defend both, and follows with a clean left jab. A right hand from Johns lands as Castaneda tries to charge forward with a kick. Johns catches a head kick from Castaneda and returns with a hard right hand that is partially blocked. Castaneda closes the round with a trio of head kicks that are all blocked by Johns. The opening round is a close one.

Round 2: Castaneda’s left kick goes low and the action is paused. Johns is ready to go after a short halt in the action. Castaneda continues with the kick attempts but Johns charges forward with a punching combination. A hard right hand from Johns lands a moment later. Castaneda controls the center and lands head kick that is caught after contact by Johns. The punching exchanges begin to heat up now, but Castaneda continues to press forward as Johns backs away. The pressure seems to be a problem for Johns and a nice right hand finds the mark, wobbling Johns. Castaneda gives chase and uses the moment to secure a takedown. They jockey for position on the mat and eventually return to the feet, where Castaneda continues with the high pressure. Johns lands a right at the very end of the round.

Round 3: Castaneda gets right back to the forward pressure, looking for a leg kick early. Johns stands his ground and lands a combination, but a moment later, Castaneda responds with a clean right hand, wobbling Johns again, and Castaneda senses his opponent is in danger. Johns is able to survive on the feet for moment, but Castaneda lands another combination ending with a knee, sending his opponent to the canvas. Castaneda looks for strikes initially, but sees the opening for an arm triangle and locks in the submission. Johns goes out a couple of seconds later and referee Mike Beltran pulls Castaneda off.

Result: John Castaneda def. Miles Johns via technical submission (arm triangle) – Round 3, 1:38

Julian Erosa vs. Steven Peterson

Round 1: Erosa starts off with a left high kick as Peterson looks for a punch. Peterson initiates a clinch and begins working for a takedown. Erosa is able to defend and they return to the center of the cage. A nice body kick from Erosa lands as he presses forward. Peterson answers with leg kicks. Erosa lands a nice jab and just misses with a hard second punch. Peterson finds home for an inside leg kick and another a moment later. Erosa lands a nice combination and the striking volume from both begins to ramp up. Peterson has a small cut under the left eye. Erosa continues to control the center and goes first with strikes, but Peterson is able to answer back with jabs. They start brawling moments later. Hard punches are exchanged as Erosa clips Peterson clean with a right hand for the best punch in this wild ending to the 1st round.

Round 2: Peterson lands a nice right hand. Erosa landed clean as well, and the blood is all over Peterson’s face now. Peterson’s right hand begins to find the mark. Erosa tries for a takedown but is shaken off and Peterson lands another clean right hand a moment later. A left jab follows as Erosa continues to press forward. The output from Erosa is slowing, though. Peterson lands a hard overhand right hand that wobbles Erosa and he charges in with a flurry of punches. Peterson senses a finish, but Erosa is able to survive and respond with a spinning back fist that rocks Peterson. Somehow both fighters are standing and the action slows as they clinch against the cage. After separating, Erosa keeps moving forward and the heated exchanges continue. Peterson misses with a spinning back fist. A front kick from Erosa starts another wild exchange in the closing moments of the 2nd round.

Round 3: Erosa goes for a takedown and gets it, but Peterson jumps on a guillotine attempt. Erosa works free, as does Peterson, and the fight returns to the feet. A nice two-punch combination lands from Peterson. Erosa keeps moving forward with punches as Peterson looks to land counters. A kick lands that briefly knocks Erosa off his feet, but he quickly gets back up and continues to fire strikes. Erosa begins audibly encouraging the action and Peterson obliges with a hard combination. Erosa gets a takedown and Peterson looks for the guillotine again. Erosa slips out and lands punches from the top. Peterson is able to get back to his feet and the pair have one last wild exchange before the fight ends.

Result: Julian Erosa def. Steven Peterson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bryan Battle vs. Tresean Gore

Round 1: The two touch gloves and Gore begins stalking forward as Battle throws front kicks on the outside. Battle switches from leg kicks, to body kicks, and then goes high. Gore fires a hard head kick of his own, but Battle blocks it. Gore goes for a leg kick and Battle responds with a pair of his own a moment later. Gore continues to stalk Battle around the cage, but doesn’t offer much offense, as Battle continues to chop away with kicks. A nice front kick pushes Gore back, and Battle tries a second but this one is caught and Gore lands a punch. Battle now lands a nice punching combination, which gets Gore to open up with punches of his own. Battle lands clean with another punching combination, as Gore continues to move forward. A hard overhand right from Gore just misses the mark and Battle goes back to his array of kicks. Battle loses his mouthguard in an exchange and Herb Dean stops the action. The time clock does not get stopped, though, and the round ends.

Round 2: 2nd round started with a kick-heavy approach. Gore keeps pressing forward, but Battle continues to fire first with kicks and punches. Front kick from Battle is met with a hard body kick from Gore. A moment later, Battle is buckled from a hard left hand by Gore, but he keeps his footing. Battle loses his mouthpiece again which pauses the action, but they resume and the exchanges continue. Gore catches Battle with a punch, almost sending him to the canvas. Battle quickly gathers himself, takes the center of the cage, and then goes for a takedown. Gore defends well, as Battle lands a knee before adjusting for another takedown attempt. Gore gets a Thai clinch and lands a hard knee, but Battle gets back to a single leg attempt. Gore defends well and jumps on a guillotine attempt during a scramble, which leads to him taking top position on the canvas. The round comes to a close on the ground.

Round 3: Battle attempts a kick but Gore times it and drives through for a takedown. Battle gets back to his feet without taking any damage on the mat. They remain in the clinch on the feet, jockeying for position. Gore is able to land a hard punch on the exit. Battle takes the center now, and initiates a clinch a moment later. They continue to fight for position with a few close strikes exchanged before separating. An exchange of punches occurs and Battle clinches again. Gore shakes him off and lands a nice right hand a moment later. Battle shoots hard for a takedown but Gore defends. Battle goes first with a kick followed by punches. One last kick to the body from Battle lands and the fight concludes.

Result: Bryan Battle def. Tresean Gore via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Brendan Allen vs. Sam Alvey

Round 1: Allen offers up a combination of punches but Alvey counters nicely with a hard right hand that lands flush. Allen retreats for a moment and then shoots for a takedown. Alvey keeps the fight standing, however. Allen tries for a right high kick that doesn’t connect. Alvey finds the chin again a moment later as Allen tries to close the distance. Allen keeps the pressure up, but Alvey begins pawing out a right jab. A spinning kick from Allen misses, as does the responding punch from Alvey. A moment later, Alvey lands a nice series of punches. They clinch for a moment along the fence and Allen catches Alvey on the exit. A second later, Allen stuns Alvey with a right hand, sending him stumbling backward against the cage. Allen closes in and they clinch until the 1st round ends.

Round 2: Allen opens the 2nd round with a kick as he pressures forward. Alvey charges forward with punches, but Allen evades. A moment later, Allen fires to the body, and a hard left hand follows, which drops Alvey. After a couple of punches from the top, Allen jumps on a rear-naked choke and gets the tap.

Result: Brendan Allen def. Sam Alvey via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 2:10

Carlston Harris vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov

Round 1: Harris offered a few single strikes, but Rakhmonov slides back to avoid. A punch to the body from Harris connects and Rakhmonov answers with quick jab a moment later. Rakhmonov lands a hard spin kick to the body, which prompts an exchange of punches, followed by a clinch. Rakhmonov looks to bring the fight to the mat, but Harris is able to keep the fight standing as he reverses position against the cage. A few foot stomps from Harris, but he gets tossed by Rakhmonov. They don’t stay on the ground long though and are back to the striking exchanges. Rakhmonov lands a beautiful spinning hook kick that sends Harris crashing to the mat. Rakhmonov closes in with punches and puts Harris out with a clean right hand. What a performance to remain undefeated for Rakhmonov, who hands Harris his first loss in the UFC.

Result: Shavkat Rakhmonov def. Carlston Harris via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 4:10

Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano

Round 1: The middleweights both touch gloves and begin the feel-out process in the center of the cage. Maximov lands a right hand and shoots for a takedown, but Soriano is wise to it. Moments later, the same sequence occurs, but this time Maximov is successful in getting Soriano to the mat, although Soriano scrambled to a favorable position. Maximov reversed and the fight goes back to the feet. A kick from Soriano goes low, but Maximov does not want time to recover. Maximov goes for a takedown again, but Soriano lands a big knee that opens a cut. Although he was stunned for a moment, Maximov went right back in for another takedown and finds his way to Soriano’s back while standing. He then goes for a rear-naked choke with all of his body weight on Soriano, but is unable to get the finish. A scramble follows and Soriano is able to get in a few punches on the mat before the round ends.

Round 2: Soriano looks to land punches early but it didn’t take long for Maximov to get back to the wrestling. Soriano was able to scramble with a takedown attempt and keep the fight standing, but Maximov followed up with another takedown attempt. Soriano is able to get the fight back standing and begins firing off punches. Maximov dips under for another takedown, which leads to another scramble for positioning on the mat for a moment. Back on the feet, Maximov sticks with the clinch and keeps Soriano pinned against the fence. The grappling grind from Maximov continues and he brings Soriano down to the mat once more before the horn.

Round 3: Maximov started with a pair of leg kicks and quickly shoots for a takedown after. Soriano finds himself on his back early in the final round, but is able to get back to a knee quickly. While there, Maximov lands a few nice punches before Soriano powers up to the feet. Maximov remains undeterred, sticks with the clinch, and drags Soriano back down. Soriano keeps with the attempts to get back up, but Maximov’s wrestling is too much. In the closing moments, Soriano is able to land a few punches to the body before breaking free.

Result: Nick Maximov def. Punahele Soriano via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Jack Hermansson vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: The main event starts with a leg kick from Hermansson. Strickland fires off his quick left hand jab a number of times early. Hermansson lands another leg kick and Strickland answers with a jab. A moment later, Hermansson goes for a takedown attempt, briefly taking his opponent’s back in the scramble. Strickland breaks free and returns to the center where he continues with the jab. Hermansson throws a left hand of his own, followed by a kick to the body. Strickland keeps firing the jab and almost catches a body kick from Hermansson. The striking exchanges continue on the feet, with Strickland leading the way. Hermansson mixes in a few leg kicks while Strickland works behind the jab until the 1st round ends.

Round 2: Hermansson opened the second round with a faster pace, offering left hands and leg kicks. Strickland remains calm during the early exchanges and fires back with a few punches of his own. Hermansson attempts a takedown but is easily shaken off. Strickland pressures forward with more jabs and Hermansson finds and opening for a nice combination that gets Strickland’s attention. A nice body kick follows by Hermansson. Strickland gets back to his jab and throws a punch to the body as well. Hermansson charges forward with punches, but misses the mark as Strickland evades. A left hand stings from Strickland and a front kick to the body follows soon after. Hermansson looks for the left hook but Strickland lands another front kick. In the closing seconds, Strickland lands a hard punch to drop Hermansson,  sealing the round in his favor.

Round 3: Hermansson goes to the body with a kick to start the round, followed by a leg kick. A left jab follows from Strickland. Hermansson’s takedown attempt is easily brushed away by Strickland, and the striking exchanges continue. Hermansson lands a nice kick to the body but a leg kick is checked by Strickland shortly after. Strickland evades a combination and lands another nice jab. Strickland’s defense shines as he is able to move just out of range of strikes from Hermansson. The jab continues to find the mark. A right hand from Hermansson gets through in the last exchange of the round, but Strickland lands as well.

Round 4: Hermansson ramps up the pressure early in the fourth, but Strickland is able to avoid the big swinging punches. A left jab lands and Hermansson shoots for another takedown. This one is deep, but still unsuccessful in the end. Back in the center, Strickland returns to the jab, followed by a nice right hand. Hermansson’s strikes just miss as Strickland slides out of harm’s way. The left jab continues to tell the story of the fight during the exchanges. A right head kick from Strickland is blocked by Hermansson, who goes to the body with a couple of punches, and a leg kick before the end of the round. Strickland was caught with something during the closing moments of the round that caused his nose to bleed.

Round 5: Hermansson presses forward early in the final round, but Strickland’s defense remains sound. A superman punch from Hermansson finds the mark as he begins to open up his offense. Strickland lands a nice combination in return. More left jabs follow and a punch to the body from Strickland. Hermansson is still pressuring more than he has throughout the fight, but not landing anything of significance as Strickland defends and dodges strikes. A nice outside leg kick lands from Strickland and Hermansson finds one of his own to the inside. With just over a minute remaining, Hermansson goes for a takedown, but is once again shaken off. In the final seconds, Strickland encourages Hermansson to trade strikes in the center of the cage. A couple of heated exchanges follow before the final horn.

Result: Sean Strickland def. Jack Hermansson via split decision (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)

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