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Nova Uniao founder ANDRE PEDERNEIRAS
Dave Mandel/

Andre Pederneiras has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Nova Uniao founder revealed to Brazilian outlet Combate that he is isolated in a room in his home in Rio de Janeiro to make sure the he doesn’t infect his wife and kids. Pederneiras said he felt chills for two nights and a row, and one of his sons had diarrhea and the other had a swollen eye, so he elected to get a tested.

“The IgM was positive and the IgG was negative, that is, I have the virus but I don’t have immunity yet,” Pederneiras told Combate. “The same day I started self-quarantining in my room, separating myself from my family at home.”

Pederneiras, who has notably coached champions such as Jose Aldo, Renan Barao and Eduardo Dantos, closed Nova Uniao to comply with government orders during the pandemic but had left his home to help distribute food to those in need. He expects to resume his role in those services once his period of self-isolation is complete.

Right now , Brazil currently has more than 360,000 documented cases of coronavirus and nearly 23,000 deaths. The World Health Organization recently declared South America to be the new epicenter of the pandemic, with Brazil as the “most affected” region.

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