Former UFC rivals Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones squash beef

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Photo from Israel Adesanya – Threads

By Shawn Stewart

It appears that Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones have squashed their beef in a video that was posted during the UFC’s International Fight Week

Adesanya and Jones went through a fiery series of back and forths in 2020 and 2021. “The Last Stylebender” had a big money superfight against Jones in mind when he moved up to light heavyweight to challenge Jan Blachowicz for the belt. He lost that fight, and then Jones made his debut at heavyweight. Since then, Adesanya seemed to realize fighting “Bones” was a pipe dream and things chilled out.

Now the two are canoodling on Meta’s new Twitter clone, Threads. Adesanya posted a video of the meeting, declaring “Life is one big cartoon!! #zoinks.”

“This motherf—er Jones,” Adesanya says jokingly as Jonny puts his arm around him. “Hey, hey, hey, hey, chill champ! It’s all love.”

“Bless this king!” Jones exclaims as they shake hands.

“Blessed up, king,” Adesanya replies.

In the beginning of June, Israel Adesanya explained why he’d suddenly turned around on feuding with the pound for pound great.

“Growth is something you have to go through as a human being, as a man especially,” he said on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel. “Maturity. There was a point where we were … ah, f—k. I came to the UFC, I felt like — it’s up to him to admit this — he was a fan. But then he was kind of like, ‘Ah, there’s another coming in this game and just taking the shine.’ But there’s enough room for us both to shine … You don’t have to hate on me for doing what I’m doing. We can be in our own lanes and be great.”

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